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Markers and Delineators

Products that delineate and safely mark your way down the road are an imperative. That's why we specialize in surface mounted, ground mounted, or barrier attached hand crafted metal, plastic, or fiberglass delineation.  They're always upright, always visible, and always available.


Surface Mounted Delineators

Technology is your friend in the improvements of surface mounted delineators.  Interstate Sales offers a post designed to withstand over 200 impacts at 70 MPH and still remain upright and intact! Un-precedented performance. All just a click or call away.


Channelizing Curb

Interstate Sales offers a variety of safety products to address passenger, pedestrian and vehicular concerns in the railroad/transit industries. Our line of customizable products can provide solutions to many transit agency safety concerns, including at-grade crossings, park and ride facilities and platform safety applications. 


Barrier Markers

These markers are made with a high-impact polycarbonate body and feature high-intensity reflective sheeting, and easily installed with epoxy or adhesive cement. 


Portable Delineators

Portable delineation like the Ped In A Bag depicted is a handy effective way to provide warning visibility at pedestrian and construction zones. Weighted rubber base always included.


Class 1 & 2 Delineator

A Caltrans Classic, these fiberglass and its Class 2 metal predecessor have been lighting up edgelines for decades.  We stock all lengths, colors, and sheeting specifications.


Mile Post Marker

14 guage U Channel Post anchors a reflective sheeted plate identifying a mile, obstructions, utility line, or whatever you need.  Hardware, posts, and customizable signs available and good in stock.

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