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Bridge Railing

Since the early 70s Interstate Sales has been on the front lines of the establishment and evolution of the metal tube bridge rail industry throughout California.  Current Caltrans and Federal Specifications are at your disposal.  Let our estimating team turn your job plans into a quality crafted product.


B11-51 Bridge Rail

An iconic specification for smaller cast in place flat slab bridges.  


ST-10 Bridge Railing

ST-10  is the most commonly used aesthetic steel rail used in California.  It can be used for pedestrian/bicycle applications by adding a handrail to achieve a minimum height of 42”, offset 15” from the face and modifying the clear opening. 

ST20 Rail.jpg

ST-20 Bridge Railing

The California ST-20 is similar to the ST-10, but has  five bars including the handrail.  Because it is already 54” in height, it does not need to be modified for use in non-motorized applications.

ST 30 Rail.jpg

ST-30 Bridge Railing

ST-30 is a see through 2-bar curb-mounted steel bridge rail, rated for TL-4 sites. 32” above bridge deck (25” steel rail plus 7” curb) Requires additional rail for use as a pedestrian/bicycle rail to increase height to a minimum of 42”.


ST-40  Bridge Railing

The California ST-40 has been approved at Test Level 2 and should not be used at locations where the speed limit is greater than 45 mph.

This railing is mounted on a sidewalk and is appropriate for locations with pedestrians.


Custom Bridge Railing

Send us your plans and we'll get you a quote. It's that simple.

ST70 Railing.jpg

ST-70 Bridge Railing

ST-70 is a see through 4-bar curb-mounted steel bridge rail  TL-4;  46.5” above bridge deck (40.5” steel rail plus 6” curb)  It is similar to California ST-20S Bridge rail except that the top 7.5” high handrail has been removed.  This rail is 4.5” higher than the minimum required Bicycle Rail or Pedestrian Rail height of 42”.

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